You Are Always One Click Away From Cyber-Attacks

Hackers all over the world work round-the-clock to uncover vulnerable entry points to steal confidential data, reports and trade secrets. Every company is a potential target for cybercrimes – companies of any sizes and any industries.
With the growing number of cyber criminals fighting smarter and employing more complex and craftier ways in their attacks, we are now up against a greater threat to cybersecurity than ever before. Unfortunately, many enterprises are not regularly enhancing their cybersecurity practices.

Based on the Ponemon report last year, 53 per cent of respondents say their solutions are not providing adequate protection against newest attack when asked to identify the biggest problem with their current endpoint solutions. It was also found that 70 per cent of the top vulnerabilities resides within user systems, making endpoint the most common entry point for breaches.

Most businesses assume that their endpoints are highly secured and patched to date with endpoint security products. Unfortunately, that is not true. It is unreliable to depend on just a software and scrimp on actual security policies, procedures and training. The ability to deliver security through technology is usually being undermined by end-users. Think about this — When is the last time you updated your work computer? How many times have you delayed an update? Did you turn off the notification for patches update?
Understanding the importance of Endpoint Protection is vital in every business. Not only is it advisable to fix the patch almost immediately but it also allows employees to take control and manage endpoint security. Improving cyber-security practices helps mitigate the risk of being attacked, and ultimately, reducing downtime. The average cost per minute of downtime in a data center is US$7,900 and the average cost of a successful endpoint attack totaling over $5 million.  Following today’s advanced and evolving attacks, Cyber-security Ventures predicts cybercrime will cost the world more than $6 trillion annually by 2021.


Although tough security and compliance do not guarantee complete uptime or data safety, they are the essential first line of defense against these costly threats.

Endpoint protection and management can be outsourced to managed service providers who are professionals dedicated to managing and control the deployment to ensure improved endpoint security. Outsourcing your security services can also help in achieving higher efficiency and minimizing errors and defects – any flawed security system design can leave holes that are likely to be exploited.

Acclivis Technologies Solution is the leading IT services provider in Asia Pacific which provides security consultancy services to identify your existing security gaps and propose solutions, including data loss prevention, insider threat monitoring, endpoint protection and management. Conduct a risk assessment with our security experts today to assess your current situation and protect your business from potential threats and cyber-crimes.


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