Smart Healthcare Solution


Covid-19: AI and machine learning technology to help protect frontline workers, perform contact tracing and preserve healthcare system

Tailored Solutions That Protect Healthcare Workers and Aid Contact Tracing

Self-Registration Module for Visitors

(including Employees)

Gone are the old manual ways of filling out forms online. The Acclivis Registration App allows for the scanning of Identity Cards and taking of a self-photo to complete the registration workflow. ‘Live-ness’ detection mechanisms can be enabled to ensure authenticity. Our Registration App can be easily integrated with your existing systems.

Authentication Edge-Device

The FR (Facial Recognition) Thermal Scan can be placed at the entrances/exits gantries of different locations, e.g. clinics, pharmacies, X-Ray rooms etc. to identify registered visitors.  The device also simultaneously scans and records the body temperatures of visitors. It further aids the enforcement policy of face masks – the new ‘norm’  for everyone – by sending out an alarm when a visitor is found not to be wearing a mask. 

No more manual temperature-taking

Statistics have shown that healthcare workers face the highest level of risk infections, especially those who have prolonged exposure to crowds in confined spaces.  In response to concerns over contagion, the Acclivis FR Thermal Scan removes the need for healthcare workers to take the temperature of visitors manually, thereby eliminating their risks of infection. 

Contactless. Hands-free.

Our solution is designed to be contactless to minimise the risks of infection from touch interactions. There is also the benefit of clearing zonal checkpoints hands-free – just by using facial recognition technology.  Now, there is no need to reach for your mobile phone anymore during mandatory check-ins and check-outs.

Contact Tracing

Through video analytics, we help to identify and trace visitor movement and trajectory within the building, up to an accuracy of 1 metre. A Companion Analysis is then done to match co-relation data between a suspected carrier  and the people that he has come into contact with.

Contact Tracing Report

A Contract Tracing Report can be generated in real-time on the suspected visitors’ interaction with others. Proximity time parameters can be configured between 5s – 30s to suit different healthcare organisations’ expectations.

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