Acclivis Smart Building Solution

Welcome to the future of smart buildings.

Without smart buildings, there can be no smart cities. Acclivis is a pioneer in using AI, robotics and other integrated proptech applications to transform visitor management for the real estate industry. 

Our intelligent visitor management is truly contactless. It combines real-time temperature screening, facial recognition entry / exit and contact tracing to offer an end-to-end solution.

Your new virtual receptionist

Somebody used to say hi at the reception. But the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the future of visitor management. Gone are the days where visitors have to register at front-desks and spend time waiting to get an entry card while receptionists run the risk of virus exposure.

At Acclivis, we have pioneered your new virtual receptionist – the Acclivis Intelligent Visitor Management Solution (AIVMS) fully powered by cloud and AI facial recognition. In a few seconds, it receives visitors and employees, supports social distancing, performs contactless temperature screening, issues alerts when a fever is detected and if a face mask is not worn, and informs the building. Moreover, it guarantees considerable cost savings.

Facial recognition and SafeEntry authentication

The Acclivis Intelligent Visitor Management Solution efficiently streamlines visitors’ check-ins/check-outs as well as lifts and office access throughout the whole building. 

Integration with the SafeEntry App further ensures system compatibility,  regulatory compliance and great convenience to users. 



Upon arrival, if you have pre-registered with us, you will have your temperature taken by our device and facial-recognition-matched, even when wearing a face-mask and/or head scarf. Thereafter, the Door Gate will be triggered and it will open for access to premises. You will receive an email notification showing that you have automatically logged a “Check-In” with SafeEntry.

If you have not pre-registered, do expect to have your face scanned (so that we can verify if you are wearing a face-mask and take your temperature) before we display the SafeEntry page for you to key in your NRIC, Mobile Number and Full Name. Upon successful submission, the Door Gate will then open for access to premises.


When leaving the premises, just a scan of your face will suffice.  If you did not pre-register initially, you will need to key in your NRIC, Mobile Number and Full Name for the SafeEntry check-out.

Secure access. Privacy-proof.

Your safety and privacy are our top priority.

The Acclivis Intelligent Visitor Management Solution provides property managers the ability to know exactly who entered the building premises, when, and why without any breach of data. Data collected from visitors is hosted and managed on a private cloud, ensuring the privacy of visitors. Having the visitor management system on cloud also renders the solution highly scalable, and is particularly suited for buildings with high foot falls.

In terms of data privacy and security, we go one step further by practising meta-data access, which means that even our own administrators do not have access to the data collected, and administrative rights are only granted to a few select stakeholders. For customers who want total security with their data, we are able to host the solution on-premise.

Beyond secure access into offices and buildings, we can tailor and design a system that generates notifications of unauthorised entries, and even provide contact tracing reports in the current pandemic.

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