The only MPLS alternative with built-in WAN optimization and SD-WAN. It is a robust solution designed to prevent packet loss, congestion and latency which can hamper cloud performance – which directly impacts overall productivity of the workforce: a common pain experienced by users of the public internet.

Legacy networks like MPLS were designed for environments where the majority of traffic was from client applications, and SaaS was the exception.


Designed for the cloud

The WAN is the fundamental connectivity to ensure seamless communication between HQ and branch offices. A high reliable and high performance WAN will ensure business gets done effectively and efficiently. A better managed WAN means your business can easily collaborate with partners and suppliers creating better customer experiences.

Select from a range of WAN management options for organizations of all sizes, from monitoring to complete outsourcing with our managed service. Supported by strong SLAs and business continuity features, we help keep your WAN running 24×7.


Up to 40X Faster Performance and 95% Data Reduction

Global Private Network with 99.99% uptime and QoS
  • Up to 56% Cost Savings Compared to MPLS and WAN Optimisation Appliances
  • Built-in Cloud and SaaS Connectivity
  • As-a-service Delivery with Deployment in Hours
  • Built-in WAN Optimisation and SD-WAN
  • Complete Connectivity for all Applications
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Pacific-Equinix Cloud Exchange

PacEX is the solution for customers looking at connecting to public cloud service providers via Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) using a private, secured and high-performing connection.
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