Pervasive automation solution

As a trusted advisor to the customer’s digital transformation journey, Acclivis cloud architectural solutions leverage on leading technologies such as VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V and OpenStack to streamline IT infrastructure and deliver tangible business outcomes. Specialization in infrastructure automation ensure seamless workflow between software developers and IT operations.

Today, Acclivis is a Gold Partner of Puppet, an up and coming IT automation powerhouse who is focused on transforming how organizations build and deploy applications and infrastructure code. Its leading solution allows IT operation leaders to automate key processes around provisioning, configuring and managing hybrid infrastructure. Its pervasive automation solution ensures security and compliance so that Dev/Ops processes can scale across the entire software delivery lifecycle.

Key Solutions

A real-time inventory of all your IT resources
  • Easy to set-up and maintain
  • Unified view across hybrid resources
  • Continuous Discovery and intuitive dashboards
  • Take action from the same tool
A modern infrastructure management platform that automates how you provision, configure and manage on-premises and cloud
  • Consistency, security and compliance
  • Agentless capability and agent-based
  • Model-driven management and task approach in a single platform
  • Automation at any scale
Puppet Pipelines is a continuous delivery solution for traditional and containerised applications that helps developers to deploy applications on any target of choice, in minutes.
  • Simplify continuous delivery and integrate with your toolchain
  • Easy and prescriptive deployment workflows for traditional and containerized applications
  • Governance and visibility into your deployments
  • Native Kubernetes workflows

Benefits of Automation



The platform you need to deliver faster with greater reliability


Pervasive Automation

Unleash the power of true
modern automation


Continuous Delivery

Automation for fast, predictable
and repeatable delivery


Cloud Management

Modern automation for
your cloud environments


Discovery & Insights

Discover what’s running in your
hybrid infrastructure and learn what
to automate next


Configuration Managment

Deploy with speed and reliability


Security & Compliance

Continually enforce your policies
and prove compliance


Software Delivery

Scale automation across your entire
software delivery lifecycle


Infrastructure as code

Build the foundation for your
DevOps initiative


Application Deployment

Orchestrate deployment of
distribute apps


Container Management

Adpot and scale containers and the
new practices they enable


Automated testing

Reduce testing time and make
deployments cheaper and faster


IT Automation

Automate for speed, gain insight,
respond faster


Networking Automation

Bring the benefits of server
automation to your network



Streamline government IT
infrastructure from end to end


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