From System Integrator to Full-Fledged IT Services Provider

The world of an IT system integrator (SI) was first disrupted as early as 2012 when cloud services adoption accelerated beyond start-ups and bona fide enterprises started to evaluate cloud services at scale.

Cloud services created a dramatic shift in the way customers consume technology. SIs whose sole and core business is reselling hardware and software, and delivering one-off professional services, have seen their customers base dwindling, profit margins thinning and difficulty in hiring and retaining IT talents.

With customers looking at optimizing existing resources, reducing overhead expense while harnessing the newest and greatest that technology has to offer, SIs who are entrenched in the world of legacy systems need to find new business models – fast.

Digital transformation increases the velocity of change where both customers and IT vendors now need to make new markets and create new revenue streams.

Acclivis’ evolution from a SI to a IT services provider took almost a full decade as we shift into an outcome-based services model. We understand customers look for partners who can share the risk and build a tighter collaboration to deliver business value.

At Acclivis, we recognize customers are moving away from numerous physical, single-purpose hardware devices on company premises, and towards a virtualized environment running mission-critical applications in fully inter-connected datacenters. Physical, on-site break-fit maintenance has declined as remote monitoring using intelligent and dynamic platforms packed with analytics and automation capabilities rise.

In this regard, Acclivis’ suite of IT services is designed to address this shift so that our customers can extract maximum economic value in their IT investment. We work with our customers to build, manage and support technology that their current and future business can rely on.

Our customers leverage our economies of scale, enjoy the efficiency of automation and effectiveness of skilled IT resources.

Having served over 300 customers throughout the years, Acclivis has developed broader and deeper experience than individual companies. Our processes are standardized and we execute ITIL processes efficiently and consistently across customers’ environment. Routine processes such as move, change, add and other operational requests are automated. This ensures compliance and reduce risk with minimum human error.

We can respond to customers’ needs quickly as we exchange ticket information automatically with our customers’ vendors and service providers; this reduce time to act on incidents and ensure services to end users are delivered promptly.

Acclivis’ IT services relieves our customers’ headaches of managing disparate and legacy systems while giving them the visibility and control at all times. Acclivis automated discovery and analytics, presented on a single pane of glass, is the key presentation portal to ensure stringent SLAs are met and continuous improvements occur. With data at our finger tips, we can analyze patterns, provide more granular metering and more accurate cost-allocation. This gives customer insights which then guide strategic decisions that has direct impact on business growth and transformation.

As the trusted IT services partner to many enterprises, Acclivis is constantly investing in its people and technology to ensure the best set of capabilities are ready to meet customers’ needs today and beyond. Solution architects, cloud architects, delivery and support engineers are all certified in the key virtualization, hypervisor technologies, as well as ITIL standard of IT management. A robust ecosystem of network and systems infrastructure technology vendors, telco service providers and data center providers ensure Acclivis’ customers proceed with their digitization projects confidently.

Acclivis’ regional presence allows for a consistent and seamless delivery of services for customers who need multi-country deployments. Acclivis’ scale and reach provide customers a clear roadmap for growth; knowing by coming onboard with Acclivis, they have a IT services partner whose fundamental values reside in customer centricity and customer success.

As a fully-owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International conglomerate, Acclivis is committed to providing the best IT services in the Asian market, serving both governments and commercial enterprises. Customers are assured that, with Acclivis, they have a stable and financially strong IT partner who will be with them for the long haul as they embark on multi-year services contracts.


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