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The Business Challenge

FinTech is levelling the financial playing field and disrupting business models by challenging big banks and insurers’ with faster, more nimble born-in-the-cloud services, often bypassing the traditional middleman.

This global FinTech Company is in the business of providing an open messaging network for banks so that customers have access to financial products faster than traditional banking services.

What used to take analysts and financial professionals hours and days to do, often with sub-optimal results, can now be done in seconds, with more efficiency and precision.


Solutions Implemented

As an always-on and always-available service provider, the FinTech Company needed to set up private clouds connecting the two major financial hubs in the world – Singapore and Hong Kong.

The infrastructure is designed such that both sites would back up each other seamlessly, data flows at high-speed within a stringent SLA. Highest level of security is adhered to, and regulatory polices are complied.

The network connectivity is architected such that there is redundancy and failover in EIPL link.

The project saw Acclivis setting up the private clouds and providing multi-year managed hosting services.


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