Gain a peace of mind with our team of certified business continuity professionals

Respond quickly to pandemics and disasters with ACCLIVIS Business Continuity Program (BCP). In this volatile time and age, every business should have a robust business continuity plan and disaster recovery infrastructure in place – except that it’s not always feasible to have one in-house. With our SS507 certified Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, we ensure that IT always stays up 24/7 and business operations remain uninterrupted with our dedicated Work Area Recovery facilities. These facilities have supported many global and regional MNCs during the SARS and the H1N1 flu outbreaks. With many successful simulation exercises conducted annually on behalf of Fortune 500 and listed corporations, you can be sure that your business stays resilient during the tough times.

Alternative Work Area Locations


Equinix-Acclivis Business Resiliency Centre (EABRC)

The EABRC is a Work Area Recovery (WAR) facility and services located in a convenient location that allows your staff to work without disruption when disaster strikes. The facility contains fully equipped work seats, IP telephony systems, internet connectivity, desktops and printers. The facility connects directly to the Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) and customers will enjoy direct connection to multitude of clouds service providers.
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Acclivis Business Resiliency Centre

Acclivis has an in-house, dedicated and highly modular work space which is ideal for all types of corporations. This facility features resilient infrastructure and network connectivity, along with modern laptops, phones, printers and office stationery. The facility is allocated within walking distance to MRT station, major expressways and food and beverage amenities, making it highly convenient for your workforce to operate from.

IT – DR Services

BCP Consultancy and IT Disaster Recovery Services: SS507-certified DR expertise and services to ensure a smooth transition from BCP planning to IT disaster recovery services

BCP Consultancy
Acclivis provides Business Continuity Practices Consultancy services and adopt approved industry standards as well as best practices recommended by global institutes to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.
Disaster Recovery
Acclivis provides a comprehensive action plan in accordance with the SS507 to get the enterprise back up and running with minimal disruption following an unexpected disaster.
Review and Evaluate
Upon completion of the annual DR exercise, Acclivis DR experts will evaluate the outcomes and seek continual improvements so that you constantly maintain a sound DR posture.

Infrastructure Services

Transform and manage your infrastructure with IT as a Service
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Security Services

Let security experts prevent, detect and respond to the evolving world of cyber-security threats
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