Acclivis FR Thermal Scan

Contactless Temperature Scans Empowered By AI

Powered by AI and machine learning, the Acclivis FR Thermal Scan quickly and accurately tests the temperature of the human body, protecting healthcare workers and building management teams from coming into contact with potential coronavirus carriers.

With embedded facial recognition functions, the device offers great simplicity and convenience for visitor management at workplaces, public and high-density areas. 

Contactless temperature scans and alerts

With up to 99% accuracy

The device is able to scan the whole face instead of just the forehead to take the average body temperature, which results in a more accurate measurement. It even enables temperature measurement when one is wearing a headscarf or headgear. Lastly, the device is able to send out an alarm when the body temperature of visitors is too high.

Multi-racial facial recognition

Even with a face mask on


Superior facial recognition capabilities allow the device to detect faces of all races, even when one is wearing a face mask. The device will also send out an alarm when a face mask is not worn. This prompts visitors to put on their mask before access into a building is allowed.

Indoor and outdoor use

From room to high temperatures

The device is ideal for indoor use such as office buildings, clinics and hospitals, malls, hotels and dormitories. It can be used in outdoor gatherings and events, and even in high environmental temperatures (up to 50 degrees Celsius).

Integration with SafeEntry App

Visitors no longer have to go through the hassle of entering their identity card and mobile phone numbers in the SafeEntry App each time they enter a building or a store. Our device is able to sync with the government’s SafeEntry App, integrating all the processes in less than a few seconds.

When registered visitors wish to enter premises, our device will scan for their temperature and perform facial recognition, even when wearing a face-mask and/or head scarf. Thereafter, the Door Gate will be triggered and it will open for access to premises. The visitor will receive an email notification showing that they have automatically logged a “Check-In” with SafeEntry.

At check-out, visitors just have to scan their face, the system will automatically allow one to exit the building and also send a SafeEntry alert.

Data exportable and API-friendly

Fully customisable for your needs


Our technology is able to integrate with other backend solutions and operating systems to create a comprehensive Edge-Computing Solution. It can be customised for each organisation’s needs, including the ability to perform contact tracing and people tracking in visitor flows.

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